Instructions for taxi drivers

地址: 大三巴街, 31A舖
(請由塔石經鏡湖醫院到大三巴,經大三巴旁邊到大三巴街,再過80米駛過古董舖到戀愛巷, 澳感廊係戀愛巷街口)  

Address: 31A, Rua de S„o Paulo (Dai Saam Baa Gai)
Go from Tap Seac, past the back of Kiang Wu Hospital, to St. Paulís Ruins. Turn left by the side of St Paulís into Rua de S„o Paulo. Drive +/- 80 meters, past the steps leading up to St Paulís, to the junction with Travessa de Paixao (Lane of Love). MacauSoul is on the corner of Travessa de Paixao

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