's wine list is exclusively Portuguese, offering you a choice of over 400 labels – including espumantes, vinho verdes, brancos (whites), tintos (reds), and dessert wines – in half bottles (375 ml), full bottles (750 ml), magnums (1500 ml) and double magnums (3000 ml).  Older, difficult-to-obtain vintages are a special feature. 

Providing a unique world of flavours and textures, Portuguese wines often blend several (sometimes more than 30) grape varieties to achieve full and complex bouquets, and rich, smooth, elegant tastes.  They are also exceptionally good value.

Our collection of ports focuses on fine vintages and colheitas in half bottles (375 ml), full bottles (750 ml), and magnums (1500 ml).  And we also have some very special Madeiras.
also offers a very good range of single malt whiskies, exceptional sour mash bourbons, the perfect beer for beer lovers, a very good caipirinha, and other cocktails.
Complementary with all wine/drinks orders, we offer MacauSoul’s bespoke garlic and chilli marinaded olives and some of Macau’s best local nibbles.
's food, featuring specially selected items from around the world, is chosen to go well with wine.  Light and fresh,satisfying but not stodgy or greasy, and full of flavour and spiciness – the perfect accompaniment to an outstanding bottle of wine.  And for those with a sweet tooth, a few very special desserts.



's exceptional cheese board, the bestfarmhouse cheeses imported directly from GB       
  Pata negra,a taste of Portugal, delicious ham from the Alentejo black pig naturally cured for 24-36 months  
  Speck, superb lightly smoked cured ham   
  Spianata Calabra piccante, delicious spicy salami    
  Prosciutto, top quality Parma ham  
  Bresaola della Valtellina, fine air-dried beef with a touch of lemon juice and olive oil  
  Cold-cuts selection  
  special salad, char shiu (honey-roasted pork) with fresh garlicand crisp crunchy vegetables (unique to MacauSoul and a firm favourite)  
  Caribbean tuna open sandwich, a spicy mix of top quality tuna, finely chopped onion, peppers, carrot, celery and garlic, chillis on lightly toasted bread  
  's Spek sandwich, with sliced baby tomatoes and black pepper, on lightly toasted Portuguese bread  
  Pertite sardines, with a pear and onion garnish  
  Petite mackerel, with apple and onion  
  Pork liver paté, rich and creamy  
  Sardine paté, either natural flavour or piccante  
  Hummus, home-made and deliciously spicy  
  Tapenade, a rich soft olive paste  
  Baba ganoush, grilled mashed aubergines with subtle spices  
  mixed salad, with a light vinaigrette dressing   
  Pecan fruit cake*, imported from Corsicana, Texas served with ice cream, cream and a touch of Jack Daniels or Henry McKenna  
  Kyoto Baumkuchen*, Kyoto's superb "tree" cake  
  Brownie á la mode  
  NY-style cheesecake  
  Brandied fruit ice cream  
  Fresh fruit platter  
  Fresh fruit salad, with a touch of Kirsch  
  Occasional(ie when time permits) special desserts:  eg Madeira trifle, Pavlova, Bakewell tart, Peacan pie  

Macausoul olives
garlic-marinaded olives
MacauSoul cheesecake
cheese cake and a 1921 Vega Whyte Laydie. Nice.
cold-cuts selection
MacauSoul sourdough bread
sourdough bread and a Fender Dtrat. Wonderful.